Sunflower Preschool @ Frankel

30 Jul 2020

An Inclusive Initiative for Different Abilities! Sunflower @ Frankel’s SSDB Launch Party 2020

This year marks our fourth year in joining “Start Small Dream Big” (SSDB) movement and it is with honour to share that we are in the media news! It is a privilege to be selected by ECDA Partnerships to feature our SSDB launch party, which happened on the morning of 19 June 2020. Our project for this year is in line with the theme of ‘Start Small Dream Big’, A Caring and Inclusive Home for All.

Our SSDB title is “An Inclusive Initiative for Different Abilities” and the aim of the project is for children to be empowered to promote an inclusive community by creating a supportive environment for all learners. Our launch party featured an exclusive video sharing by A SPECIAL FRIEND; a hearing-impaired individual, Ivy Lu, friend of one of our teachers. In the earlier part of March, the N2, K1 & K2 children had a discussion with their teachers about what they want to know about people with hearing disability and they drafted out a list of queries. We send the questionnaire to Ivy and she gladly answered the children’s queries. In addition, she made another video and taught the children simple sign languages, such as ABC, 1 to 10, greetings and the sign language to the Birthday song!

“No one can do everything but everyone can do something!”

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