Delicia Ang

Bright Kids @ 173D Punggol Field

Delicia Ang
15 Sep

Collaboration with Bright Hill Evergreen (Old Folks’ Home)

It was finally the month that we have been waiting for! In the month of August, the K1 and K2 children were involved in the preparation of the online planting session with the elderly! 

Prior to the event, we had to pack packets of soil, decorative items and even wrapped the plastic bottles with yarn individually. It was definitely hard work but we are actively involved! 

In addition, all parents from the centre were also involved and donated many items such as adult diapers, medicated oil, cooking oil and many more! 

After which, we delivered the packed and donated items to the old folks’ home! 

The next day, we started off the event on Google Meet with a dance performed by the K2 children! 

Next, we played a video to showcase how the planting session would take place! 

We then planted and decorated our pots alongside with the elderly with the help of a teacher and a parent volunteer stationed at the old folks’ home! 

It was such a meaningful experience and we really enjoyed ourselves very much! We even get to bring back our self-decorated pots!

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