Eve Tan Hui Ping

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Cashew Blk 183 (CC)

Eve Tan Hui Ping
10 Nov 2020

Closure: Ta-daaa! Our Upcycled Products!!

After introducing the children to our 2020 SSDB theme and project as well as informing the parents to encourage them to participate with us, the children together with their ideas written in their reflection books set out to start looking, collecting and exploring their ideas back at home. We are truly amazed and in awe with the upcycled creations that the children came back with which they shared it with their friends and teachers in class. Here are some of the innovative creations!

“Guess what we make using a plastic bottle and a net used to store vegetables?

That’s right! It is a beehive and bees!”

Can you guess the last insect?

“One plastic bottle can be made into a few flower pots. Can you guess the animals that we made from the bottles?”

“We made a turtle using the base of a plastic bottle.“

“This is a tulip that was made using plastic bags and a plastic bottle.”

“After making my flowers using plastic bags, I decided I need something to store them, hence, I thought if another creation which is to use a plastic bottle as a vase. “

“I shared with my friends how I came about with this idea and how the creation was made. “

There are many fantastic and creative designs from the children. Can you guess what are they?

Lastly, we decorated our school garden with these wonderful creations.

Check out our revamped garden!!!

Our children certainly had a meaningful SSDB project this year with their friends, teachers and families. Let’s keep up this spirit and mindset of building a caring and inclusive society in our children and in ourselves.

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