Appleland Montessori Childcare Centre

25 Jan

Christmas and New Year Party 2023

Written by: Danna Ko

Christmas and New Year’s Party

In preparation for the Christmas Party, each class prepared a craft on the topic of Christmas.

As the end of the year was coming near, Appleland Montessori throws a Christmas Party on the 22nd December for the students, teachers and staff at the centre. On the day of the party, the students festively come to the school in their party clothes and cheerful smiles. Some parents grace us with treats for the holiday or for a thankful goodbye.

Afterward, the children gathered at the assembly area and listened to the teachers talk and share what Christmas Holiday is all about. As the children listened attentively, the teachers shared a story on how Santa Claus came to be, then sang some Christmas songs such as “Jingle Bells” and “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer”. 

Later, each class went back to their classrooms and played some festive games.

As Christmas is about sharing, the teachers shared the wonderful gifts received from parents and staff with the children.  💕

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