Lee Chee Hui


Lee Chee Hui
11 May

ChildFirst@Tampines: Litter-free environment!

For our second part of SSDB learning journey, our K1 children were educated on the importance of keeping the environment clean. As an extension to their learning, they were tasked to help to clean up their home and their surrounding environment. Let’s take a look at what our little environment ambassadors have done for our Mother Earth!

M picked up a piece of plastic packaging from the ground.

K threw his rubbish into the dustbin.

V and her family cleaned up the beach together! 

A helped his mom to clean the floor at home.

M packed and threw a bag of rubbish down the chute.

C picked up fallen flowers from the garden deck and threw them into the bin.

A big thank you to our K1 children who did their part in keeping their environment clean! Stay tune for the next chapter of our SSDB journey!

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