Krishanthi Vijaya

Skool4kidz Preschool @ Sembawang East Crown

Krishanthi Vijaya
21 Nov 2022

CCF Talk and Planning Process

The N2 to K2 children of SBEC attended a virtual talk by Children’s Cancer Foundation(CCF) to understand more on childhood cancer. At the end of the talk, the children shared their thoughts on children with cancer. Mook Luoxi(K1) said, “The children with cancer go through a lot of pain every day. We must help them buy medicine to get better.” Uzair(N2) shared, “The children are sick. We must help the children.” Beatrix(K2) added, “I think if everyone donates some money, we can help the children to pay the doctor to help them.” It was heartwarming to witness the children speak with much compassion and showing willingness to help. This led to a fruitful discussion and plan to carry ouy a Walkathon & Carnival to raise funds for CCF. SBEC was gearing up to ‘Sprinkle Kindness Everywhere’! Kudos Children! 🎡🎠🚶‍♀️🚶

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