Kelly Chua

Appleland Playhouse

Kelly Chua
11 May 2021

Caring for the Environment: Earth Day 2021 (Planting Microgreens)

This year our theme is ‘Healthy Living, Caring Hearts’. Continuing our Caring for the Environment activities, our Kindergarten Two children grew their own food during the month of April to commemorate Earth Day (22 April).

It is not always easy to get the little ones to eat their vegetables and this planting project not only helps them appreciate how vegetables are grown but also to like eating vegetables.

For our planting edibles activity, we have chosen to plant microgreens as they are packed with nutrients and can be harvested in a short amount of time. We got our Broccolini and Purple Kohlrabi seeds and planted them in the trays. 

Day 1: Planting of seeds and closing the lid to allow them to germinate in the dark for two days.

Day 2-5: Our students diligently watered them twice a day with spray bottles. They learnt that water is essential for plants to grow.

Day 6-11: The class brought their microgreens out for natural sunlight. Like humans, plants need sunlight to grow stronger.

Day 12: Harvesting day! The children snipped off the seedlings and brought them to the kitchen for our cook to prepare for lunch.

The children were excited to eat the vegetables they have planted. Even the slightly picky eaters who dislike vegetables made the extra effort to eat them. Well done children!

Our Kindergarten Two children enjoyed their planting activity where they got to observe the growth of plants from seeds and learn to be responsible to take care of their plants. It is important to learn more about our food and appreciate the efforts taken to grow them and reduce food waste. Let’s do our part for the environment, happy planting!

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