Kelly Chua

Appleland Playhouse

Kelly Chua
28 Sep 2020

Caring for the Environment - 3Rs: Reuse

This week we moved on to the 2nd R - Reuse. Out of the 3Rs, ‘Reusing’ is often being practiced least but in fact should be prioritised first whenever we practice the 3Rs. Take a look around and you will notice the excessive amount of materials, especially plastics, used for packaging. It is inevitable to not create waste as much as we want to reduce them. Even if we practice recycling, only a small percentage of recyclables were actually recycled. But reusing gives a new opportunity for an object to have a second purpose, reducing your need to buy new things. This not only saves money but also saves the Earth.

We started our activity by bringing out a few items and asking the children how they would reuse the items. Together we brainstormed different ideas and ways to reuse them.

After the interactive discussion on reusing, we brought out 2 games recreated using recycled materials. The children had a fun time playing with the upcycled games. We explained to them that these simple materials cost zero dollars and can become toys if we just take a little time to think, be creative, and craft it out. Let’s practice Reusing!

2-player Table Football Game: made from card box, wooden pegs and plastic sticks.

Balancing Ball Math Game 1 to 10: made from card box and empty toilet paper rolls.

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