Toh Jingheng Joab

Little Seeds Preschool (Praiseland)

Toh Jingheng Joab
19 Sep 2023

Caring for Nature, Helpful Singapore!

On 18th July 2023, Rainbow (K1) Class officially launched their SSDB project. The title of the their SSDB Project was “Caring for nature, Helpful Singapore”. With the goal in mind to take care of the environment, the children wish to inculcate a spirit of ownership and accountability of taking care of the environment around them, allowing them to create a more helpful Singapore!

On the launch party they, the children and parents collaborated to share the different practices they did at home to care for nature such as reusing and recycling. The children also did up an action plan on how they would help in caring for nature. The activities provided the children opportunities to reflect on their own daily use of ways, and create ways for them to better manage their carbon footprint in Singapore. 

Excursion and Reuse Series

In partnership with National Environment Agency, the K1 and K2 classes headed down to the Singapore Sustainable Gallery over at the Marina Barrage. Over there the children got to experience and hear from the many facilitators that teach us the importance of waste management, and how Singapore manages waste through its landfills. The facilitators also taught the children practical strategies such as reusing paper, and keeping the oceans clean.

With the new knowledge acquired, we set out to do our reuse series, by which we repurpose recyclable materials. Through this series, the children came up with innovative and interesting creations, such as plant pots, paper crafts, and even shakers to celebrate National day.

The class also had an opportunity to invite and partner with parents to share more about composting, and we can reuse and up cycle food and biodegradable waste. 

Neighbourhood Clean up Day

Equipped with new knowledge and learning how we can help the environment as individuals, the children then took the initiative to take care of nature through a neighbourhood cleanup as one class. Enlisting the help of parents and guardians, the children had a successful cleanup day, helping to clear the environment of 5 big bags worth of trash. As the children cleaned up together, they were able to create new connections as to why we need to care for nature, and allowed themselves to act as advocates to care for nature, taking a step towards creating a helpful Singapore!

Here’s a video to show our SSDB Journey:

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