Jow Ming Tong

M.Y World @ Tampines North

Jow Ming Tong
21 Sep 2021

Caring for Leea Rubra Plant

Our Centre collaborated with NParks for Biodiversity Week. Aside from receiving the book resources, we were also given 5 Leea Rubra plants to care for. To make this planting activity more meaningful, our team decided to turn it into a parental involvement project. We thus, repotted the plants, and placed them at the entrance of each bay.

Parents were then informed of this project through a poster and written mesages. Since the launch of the project, many parents have come forward to water the plant with their child. Till date, they are still watering the plant when they send their or pick their child up. :)

In addition to that, we also gifted all the particpants a “Thank you” gift. We specially curated a planting kit consisting of seeds, soil and pot, in hopes to promote this planting culture as well as our centre’s core value of “Responsibility” among families!

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