Fernandez Richelle Barrera

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Buona Vista Blk 32 (CC)

Fernandez Richelle Barrera
7 Jun 2023

Caregivers’ Day

Our Centre organised a Caregiver’s Day as part of our Kindness Week Celebration and SSDB Project on the 19th of May. The event was attended by the children’s secondary caregivers such as their grandparents and house helpers.

The children spent time and bonded with their grandparents and aunties by playing games and serving them snacks and drinks. Each class prepared different booths: a game booth, a snacks and drinks booth, and a photo booth. The supportive parents contributed the food and drinks for the celebration.

This event aims for the children to show their love and appreciation to the people who take care of them, aside from their parents.

It was a joyous and memorable day for everyone!

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