Koh Chew Ling

Kids' Kingdom CDLC

Koh Chew Ling
11 Aug 2022

Care for the community

This year, the children and staff from Kids’ Kingdom continues to spread our love to our neighbours through SSDB project. We are thankful that we are able to do the project face-to-face by involving more families from our centre.

The children and staff were enthusiastic. Everyone did their best from launching the project to writing the cards, getting donations from the parents and packing the care packs. We are heartened by the generosity of the parents as well as volunteering themselves to distribute the care packs.

This year, we specifically want to bless the young families from the rental flats. We managed to get some donations of story books and new shoes or stationery for the family with young children.

It was a meaningful project for children to learn about caring and sharing. We will do it again!

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