Sheila Marie Endrina

PPIS Child Development Centre Bukit Batok

Sheila Marie Endrina
1 Sep 2018

Care for Cats : Caring starts with me

“What greater gift than a love of a cat? “

PPIS Child Development Centre-Bukit Batok launched  our  SSDB Care for Cats through live video forecast  by our littlelives friends who came to our centre on 6th April 2018. We invited  parents to come and join the launching together with our feline friends.  

On that day, Wafa and her mother presented to the children on how to take care of cats such as feeding and grooming with love.

Our friend Aryana and family brought two of their lovely cats for event and showed her friends how she look after her cats.

After the presentation, children continue painting cats on the canvas to create awareness among their friends.

They remembered making their pledge to keep their cats safe from harm and treating them well by writing them down onto the SSDB stars.

The children shared on what kind of role they play in ensuring that the cats in Singapore will be cared for wholeheartedly.

Arfeen said, “I will make sure that the cats in Singapore are safe”.

Naurahs expressed herself, “We show cats our love towards them by giving them food, water and shelter.

Ariff expalined, “ Cats help people in many ways such as being a friend and relief their stress”.

Shaila shared, “ My pet cat Syamil is more than 10 years old but he still looks young”.

Aryana said, “I love my cats so much and I look after them by brushing its soft and fluffy fur”.

Our centre carried out SSDB art competion by selling SSDB care for cats art set at $10 each to support the cats in SPCA. Parents were involved in creating the masterpiece with their children. Pictures of completed artwork were sent to our Centre’s email to finalised the best artwork.

Winners of this competition will be given a prize on our next Sports Family Fun Day Cum SSDB Care for Cats, a Fund Raising event for cats in SPCA.

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