Almoradie Angelita

YWCA Jurong East CDC

Almoradie Angelita
30 Mar 2019

Care for Animals Part 2

After the children visited and observed the endangered animals in the Singapore Zoo they have realized that they have seen few endangered species. Childrenwere sad after knowing the reason and they already have an idea on how to take of animals. With that, we let our children to try on their own , how to take care of one’s pet. Having a pet to talk to and touch can be a great benefit to children especially those reticent ones. Children can learn responsibility by caring for a pet and may enjoy watching animals play and eat. We, the teachers bought terrapin for N2, K1 and K2. Our children followed the roster schedule so that everyone can try to bring it home. They took care of the terrapin on a weekend and they were the ones who fed them. Some of the students made different names and enjoyed playing with it. Most of them fed it thrice a day and they changed the water twice a day . Everybody took the responsibility to take care of the terrapin.

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