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Sher ming
3 Oct 2020

Capful of love - Appreciating our healthcare heroes

At the beginning of July, we asked our parents to donate bottle caps of different sizes and colours for us to create canvas art. Our parents were really supportive and hence we gathered hundreds of bottle caps!

On 27th July 2020, our K2 children began rinsing and sanitising the bottle caps before the younger ones can create the bottle caps canvas art.

The idea to create canvas art boards was developed as a way to thank and appreciate our healthcare heroes in something more lasting and environmentally friendly. While the K2s help to wash all the bottle caps, our smart toddlers (18 months) to K1s were the ones to put together 3 canvas boards - a heart, the word LOVE and a short thank you message.

Our Smart Toddlers and N1s in action:

Our N2s expressing their love and appreciation through art:

K1s writing a thank you message for our healthcare heroes:

Children wanted to show their gratitude and love for the healthcare heroes through these canvas boards. Each bottle caps represent our appreciation towards the doctors and nurses! We will be giving out the boards to 3 nearby clinics on 6th August 2020, in line with this year’s National Day theme of togetherness and unity. Together, we are one!

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