Goh Zi Cheng

MapleBear Grandstand

Goh Zi Cheng
12 May 2023

Butterfly Ambassadors

Through information books borrowed from the library, we discovered that different butterflies are lured to different host plan

To better impart knowledge to the children, the teachers contacted the Bukit Panjang Butterfly Garden to find out more information on caterpillars, butterflies and host plants.

We created a Butterfly Science Learning Station with the caterpillars we caught in our classroom for observation and investigations. Children learnt to feed and clean the homes of the caterpillars in the learning station. The teachers shared what they learnt with us!

Through discussions, the children wanted to build their own DIY butterfly garden. Children searched online and found host plants that they want to include in their garden. Teachers decide to purchase or propagate new host plants for the garden. Together with Ms Samantha, a volunteer of Bukit Panjang Butterfly Garden, we revamped our current garden into a butterfly garden!

Children learnt to take care of their garden by fertilising, pruning, plucking of weeds to ensure a steady supply of food for the caterpillars. They also constantly keep a look out for new catties! It has become our morning routine!

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