Alethea Xie

Bukit Panjang Methodist Church Kindergarten

Alethea Xie
19 May

Bukit Panjang Methodist Church Kindergarten SSDB Party Launch 2022- We Care! We Share!

This year, the K2 (Compassion) children, teachers and Principal of Bukit Panjang Methodist Church Kindergarten embarked on yet another special SSDB journey. We decided to take part in this year’s SSDB project so that we may continue to inculcate the values of reducing wastes, resources and food to the children, families and people around us. We chose the theme, “We Care! We Share!” because we want to inspire the children to go beyond their SSDB journey to continue to love the earth and not waste resources and food. 

We started the party with Mrs Loo, our Principal introducing the campaign with the children. Thereafter, the children proceeded to sing a few songs about 3Rs, and watched and discussed about what Food Waste is all about, and how it impacts the earth and people everywhere. 

The journey has just begun. There is a long list of fun activities waiting for the children in Term 3, after the June holidays. Stay tuned to this space!

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