Tan Hui Jun

Little Atlas Preschool

Tan Hui Jun
29 Sep 2023

Bring Your Pet to School Day: Fostering Future Community Heroes

At Little Atlas Preschool, our recent “Bring Your Pet to School Day” was an extraordinary success. Our young innovators shone as they proudly showcased their pets. This special day provided our them with invaluable lessons about empathy, responsibility, and the significance of pets in our lives. It was a day that allowed our children to take their first steps toward becoming community heroes.

Butterflies: Witnessing Metamorphosis

Our young minds were captivated by the remarkable transformation of caterpillars into butterflies. Watching the caterpillars transform into pupae and eventually emerge as butterflies was a truly magical sight. Patience and care were on full display as our children nurtured these creatures. When the time came to release the butterfly into nature, there was a sense of joy and fulfillment in being a part of their journey.

Hamsters: Lessons in Responsibility

In Mighty Mae (N2B) and Kindy Franklin (K1B), our little ones proudly introduced their pet hamsters to their classmates. The fascination in their eyes was evident as they watched these tiny creatures crawl around and perform the amazing feat of storing food in their mouths. This experience taught our young heroes about the responsibilities of caring for their tiny friends.

Terrapins: Exploring and Learning

In Kinder Edison (K2), we had the pleasure of meeting Sausage, a pet terrapin. This visit not only introduced our children to Sausage but also sparked their curiosity about terrapins. They eagerly asked questions and even used Google to learn more. The highlight was the opportunity to touch Sausage’s shell, creating lasting memories and meaningful learning experiences.

Furry Friends: Lessons in Pet Safety

Our little innovators from Kindy Galileo (K1A) had the pleasure of meeting Copi, an adorable Shih Tzu. Copi’s visit was filled with amazement as the children marveled at the dog’s tricks. They eagerly tried their hands at feeding and brushing our furry guest while learning valuable lessons about pet safety, including the dangers of grapes and chocolate for dogs.

Children’s Reflection

Throughout the event, our young heroes displayed genuine care and empathy for all living beings, no matter their size or species. They learned the importance of providing love, respect, and attention to our animal companions and how they can contribute to their happiness and health.

As part of the day’s activities, our children were asked to draw their favorite pets and share their plans for caring for them. These drawings were not just colorful depictions; they were expressions of budding responsibility. They discovered that understanding an animal’s needs is essential when interacting with or owning one. This experience emphasized the responsibility that comes with pet ownership, teaching them the importance of commitment. Through their drawings, they pledged to provide food, shelter, playtime, and most importantly, love to their pets.

Our “Bring Your Pet to School Day” wasn’t just about cute moments; it was a day that sowed the seeds of compassion in the hearts of our young innovators. It was a day that reminded them that heroes are those who show kindness, empathy, and responsibility to all living creatures.

Let us carry the lessons learned from this special day forward, as we eagerly anticipate our next enriching experience together.

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