Miss Reyes

Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten

Miss Reyes
11 Nov 2020

B.L.E.S.S. Project 2020: Responsible and Considerate Pet Ownership (Bag Packing and Fund Raising)

Our fund raising event was held on 31 October 2020 via zoom.

Before the event, our children actively sorted and packed goodies into their decorative bags. The goodies included their hand made pets from recyclable materials and creative bookmarks done by them. 

During the event, the process of the children’s project was shared with the parents. Children’s work and reflections were pre-recorded for parents’ viewing. 

Part of the activity is an Online Auction of extra bags that the children made. It was a fun and enjoyable time as the children and parents participated in the activity. 

We end the event with pre-recorded children’s dance performances.  Smiles on the parents’ faces were visibly seen as they watch their children giving thanks and praise to God for a successful project. 

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