Roslinda Isni

Assyakirin Mosque Kindergarten

Roslinda Isni
24 Jun

Assyakirin Mosque Kindergarten SSDB YR2020 Launch!

For this year’s SSDB project, our school is adapting the theme ‘’Kindness Begins with Me!’’. We wanted to inculcate empathy in our children by sharing about others who have lesser than they do.

The soft launch started in May during the ‘’Circuit-Breaker’’ period, where parents were encouraged to share about underprivileged families and children made a short video of how they could contribute.

On 17th June, the school launched our SSDB project in collaboration with the ‘Assyakirin Mosque Community Pantry’’. Children will be involved in the ‘Food Donation Drive’ where they will be contributing food from home to the pantry.

To help children understand better, we gave them a tour around the pantry to explore the area and see what are some of the food they could contribute.

“This is like a supermarket!” ~ Humaira (K1)

They had fun identifying the food products and even ask questions about item they are unfamiliar with. They also learnt that the community pantry is open to all races in Singapore. Everyone were eager and excited to contribute to the food donation drive to help those in need.

In the next few weeks, children will be bringing in items for the food donation drive. We will keep you posted as they continue their journey to give back to the community!

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