Siti Hamidah

Little Atlas Preschool

Siti Hamidah
8 Jul

Appreciating Our Environment II

Little Atlas Preschool is the home of innovators. We are constantly nurturing our children to be adaptive players by challenging their preexisting knowledge and skills to be flexible, creative, and persistent thinkers.

In conjunction with our SDDB theme, ”Today’s Innovators, Tomorrow’s Future”, our Kindergarteners were given an opportunity to explore with recycled materials. Through this project, we hope to instil love and appreciation for the environment. To begin our project, the teachers added recycled materials such as plastic bottles, glass jars, cardboard boxes and tubes to their learning zones. 

Utilizing construction toys and the recycled materials, our Little Innovators created a food stall.

Initially, we observed that the children were using these items as substitutes for objects that were not available within the learning environment.

The driver and his couriers out delivering orders.

Children were seen testing out the properties of these materials. These explorations led to many ideas! Soon enough, children were no longer playing with conventional toys. The children were eager to create their own toys and invent new games!

Our Little Innovator thought about the various use of a cardboard tube. Pictured here, he thought about the different kinds of things that are cylindrical in his plans. He then created a prototype of his ideas!

Featured here, the child created a game by using a cardboard tube as a catapult. He used the egg carton to collect the bits of paper. 1000 points for creativity!

Children enjoyed communicating their thoughts and extending their ideas. Through authentic play, our children were be able to take on challenges, elicit critical thinking skills and make meaningful connections with the real world. During their reflection, children shared about the importance of recycling:

  1. Recycling promotes creativity: “We like playing with rubbish because it can become so many things.”

  2. Recycling inculcates habits that promote a circular economy: “Playing with recyclables saves money. We don’t need to buy new toys.”

  3. Recycling protects the environment and wildlife: “When we recycle paper, we save the trees!” & “When we re-use these things (recyclables) then the ocean will be cleaner and the animals won’t die.”

The children also created posters to advocate to others on the importance of recycling!

We are mighty proud of our Little Innovators! We are indeed progressing towards becoming a Zero Waste community!

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