Siti Hamidah

Little Atlas Preschool

Siti Hamidah
20 Aug

Appreciating Nature: Sustainable Food Sources

Young children in many early childhood settings around the world are demonstrating awareness of their impact on the environment and are exploring ways to minimise it. As part of our SSDB project, “Today’s Innovators, Tomorrow’s Future”, we are making a conscientious effort to practice sustainability in our daily routines.

Our N2 Little Innovators were introduced to gardening as part of our SSDB project. We wish to nurture young children to appreciate nature and the food products that come from Mother Earth.

Children scooped soil using plastic cups and bottles into egg cartons and juice boxes.

The children observed in wonderment as their little seeds bloom.

The children used the spring onions that they have grown as part of their cookery lesson. This motivated the children to think about dishes that they could cook and the different kinds of herbs that they can use to compliment with the food made!

Repotted plants

By introducing sustainable food sources in school, children, staff and families will be able to cultivate environmentally friendly habits and nurture a sustainable food culture. Such habits will positively impact our society, the economy and the environment, thus, providing a better environment for our future generations!

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