Princess Aleighza

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Princess Aleighza
8 May

SSDB Launch Party and Earth Day Celebration

Our SSDB Project with a theme “Think Before You Trash It!” was officially launched last 22 April 2024 which was also linked to our Earth Day celebration in school.

Our Launch Party started with a video watching wherein the children learnt ways to care for our community and how they can Start Small, Dream Big. They were also engaged in sharing their ideas on how they can kickstart the project this year.

Our school also took this opportunity to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote actions to protect our planet by celebrating Earth Day. Our children looked back on their previous projects about caring for the environment which made a great impact on their journey towards sustainability. They also learnt ways to practise the Three R’s such as reducing plastic usage and food waste.

Overall, the celebration was meaningful and successful. The children showed their enthusiasm to participate in the project and they have b ko een inspired again to do more this year. Moving forward, our school will be collaborating with the community by engaging our families and neighbours to practise recycling. Our children will also be focusing on food wastage and vegetable gardening.

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