Appleland Montessori Childcare Centre

9 Feb 2023

Appleland Montessori Garden.

Written by: Teacher Fidiyana 

Taking Care of Our Garden

The Nursery 1 children of Appleland Montessori was able to learn, discover and take part in taking care of our school garden. Our school garden has fortunately expanded and children were given a chance to plant seeds which consists of different fruits and vegetables.

During weekly outdoor play, children will have the opportunity to use recycled bottles to water the plants. They will also be able to pick up dried leaves and roots to keep our school garden clean for new plants to grow. The children enjoyed this experience as they were able to move around and discover different shape of leaves and texture.

Growing a Winter melon in Our Garden

A few months after the planting of seeds, all children visited our garden to see the growth of our winter melon. They were taught that with proper care and love, delicious fruits such as the winter melon can grow.

The children were given the opportunity to feel the texture of the winter melon and describe what they felt upon feeling and seeing it in person. “It is so round!”, “The texture is so rough”, “It looks juicy!” were the words mentioned by the N1 children. For most children, it was their first time witnessing a winter melon grow from the ground. It was an interesting and fun experience for the children in N1 as they get to share this joy with their family and friends.

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