Cho Sze Chai (Cao Sichai)

(Inactive) PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bishan North Blk 231 (kn)

Cho Sze Chai (Cao Sichai)
31 Aug 2017

Amazing Magnets.

To start our Amazing Magnet journey, we had a Learning Journey to the Singapore Science Centre in line with the Innovation Grant Project-Magnetism. Children encounter magnets in their daily activities and any not be aware how the magnificent power of the magnets works. Children were very excited when they first came in tag withbthe magnets. Children were filled with curiosity and wonder how magnets attract and repel. Some even wonder why some materials stick together ‘magically’ when they are placed together. Questions were floating in our children’s mind. After attending the workshop conduct by the Science Centre, children had a better understanding about magnets. Children had great time on the hands-on activities and were able to identy how magnets work wonderfully.

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