(Inactive) PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bishan North Blk 231 (kn)

Block 231 Bishan St 23, #01-21
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PCF Bishan North Blk 231 prides itself with the strong Conceptual Integrated Curriculum that the Principal and staff have developed to help children learn through hands-on activities. The different levels (from Nursery to kindergartens) follow a similar set theme but learn the concepts in differing depths.

To make this curriculum work, the teachers work hard to develop teaching materials such as board and letter games, task cards and reference charts to enable the children to learn in a fun way and retain what they have learnt. The children are also introduced to real life objects to make their learning real. For example, when the K2 children were learning about Crustaceans, parents help to bring in live prawns and lobsters and children can actually observe the daily lives and life cycles of these sea creatures. When learning about the Police, policemen were invited to give talks to the children and the K2 children were brought to the Neighbourhood Police Post to understand more about the work of a policeman. Children in this centre also get to make noodles from scratch.

Children also learn phonics as part of their curriculum and get to go for field trips to enhance their learning. Walking around the centre, one will notice immediately the creativity of the children and their teachers.

This centre is also equipped with a big music and movement room and a gym that is equipped with all the appropriate items to help children develop their motor skills.

The centre has received many great compliments from parents:

“The centre is doing a good job in preparing students to meet the challenges of primary school life. The balance between emphasis on academic excellence and character development is especially commendable. Keep it up.”

“I want to say a big thank you to you for helping my girl settle down in your school…I almost gave up but you persevered and were very patient, spending time with her outside the class…I also found the buddy system in the class very helpful.”

“My son looks forward to attend school! He would share happily about what he had done in school, about the teachers and his classmates, the snacks, outings and the GYM room, his favourite.”

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(Inactive) PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bishan North Blk 231 (kn)

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