Agape Little Uni. Jurong West

Agape Little Uni @ Jurong West

Agape Little Uni. Jurong West
24 Apr

Agape Little Uni @ Jurong West SSDB Launch Party!

We had officially launched our SSDB project on 24th April 2024 entitled ‘You’re Never Too Small To Make A Difference’. The children and parents were invited to immerse themselves in the activities held outside the centre to understand the cause of our project which is ‘Caring For The Environment’. The first activity we prepared was called Show Your Care where parents were encouraged to sign their names on a bottle cap to show which effort they had done to care for their environment. The options given were taking a public transport, bringing recycled bags for grocery shopping, donating unwanted clothes, bringing a container to pack their food and knowing 3 ways to save water. The parents were free to drop in the bottle caps to as many efforts they had contributed to show their care for the environment.

The second activity was a puzzle where the children had to colour in a puzzle piece and matched it on the corresponding number on the board to eventually reveal the big picture which also stated our project name. This activity aims to show that getting everyone to work together and having many contributions as well will help to make the Earth a better place for all of us. 

At the end of the activity, they were welcome to take some nice shots at our cozy and colourful photobooth to remember the activities they had done today. We will also be having various activities/workshops throughout the upcoming months to show their support and love for the project as well as the planet. Stay tuned! 

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