Jasra Banu Binte Mohamed Iqubal

Agape Little Uni @ Clementi

Jasra Banu Binte Mohamed Iqubal
10 Oct 2020

Agape little Uni @ Clementi - SSDB Journey 2020 part 2

Hey everyone!! We’re back! Remember where we said we have a live sales coming up? Yeahhh, our children were so busy getting ready for it!! We decided on doing a live sales due to the current situation globally. However, that did not deter our enthusiasm and the excitement! We immediately started working on our products to sell like resin coasters, mosaic tiles coasters, Scented soaps, tote bag and decorative pouches!! Each level was given an item to do according to their capabilities! Let’s look at the preparation for our live sales!

Even our little cute ones created an abstract art tote bag!! Look at our smart toddlers!!

After all these hard work from our little ones, we set a date to inform parents on our lives sales! All proceeds will be given to TWC2 organisation for the migrant workers as our migrant worker friends have been very affected due to the whole pandemic. Let’s look at some of the pictures taken during our live sales!

After the live sales ended, we got so many supportive parents who bought all of our items that we had to open pre-order!! The children had so much fun making more of our coasters as well as our soaps! We collated the whole amount donated by parents during the live sales as well as the groceries. Children and Teachers of Agape clementi started to pack the groceries into boxes to deliver to TWC2. Look at their hardwork!!

This wasn’t just a day or a week’s effort! This was months of hardwork and effort from our children and staffs!! It all paid off on 7 October 2020 when we delivered the boxes of groceries and cheque donated during the live sales!! Thank you so much to our parents of AGAPE CLEMENTI who volunteered to carry the heavy boxes to the van! This is a perfect example of how “ Hard Work Pays Off!”

Till we meet again next time!! Byeee everyoneeee!!!! 😊

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