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Teacher Yan Li
25 Sep 2023

' A Healthy, Active You!💪🏼🍎' ( Befriending Session 2 @ Jamiyah Nursing Home )

It’s time for our second befriending session! For this session, the children wanted to focus on promoting healthy eating and an active lifestyle with the seniors at Jamiyah Nursing Home! With guidance, they shared some simple stretches and games they would like to play with the seniors. From there, we came up with the tagline ‘A Healthy, Active You!’ and went ahead to prepare the necessary materials.

The children were actively engaged in practicing the stretches and some showed intiative in leading the activities! It was motivating to see them putting their best foot forward to make the session a fun one for the seniors.

Together with the seniors, we started off with simple upper body stretches which was lead by our K-class children. After which, we played games using the parachute. It was heartwarming to see the children working together with the seniors towards a common goal, such as keeping the balls on the parachute. We then ended the session by making ‘Banana Yogurt Crackers’ to promote healthy eating.

Our parent volunteers also lend a big helping hand in setting up the activities and participated actively in interacting with the seniors, which children were seen modelling after.

“ Bye bye! See you around! “

“ I love you, hope you had fun! See you! “

Time flies when you’re having fun, soon it was time to say goodbye! The children high-fived the seniors and others gave warm hugs. It was fulfilling to see everyone donning a big smile on their faces!❤️

However, this meaningful journey with Jamiyah Nursing Home does not end here. To many more sessions in the future! 💪🏼🥗

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