Nurul Syafiqah Binte Mohd Idris

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kampong Chai Chee Blk 409 (CC)

Nurul Syafiqah Binte Mohd Idris
13 Sep 2022

A Green Project- Little Hands of Love @PCF SPARKLETOTS KAMPONG CHAI CHEE 409

The Launch Party on 6th April started off ‘A Green Project- Little Hands of Love” featuring the K1 students talking about the importance of loving and eating vegetables. Happy little faces bringing in their chosen vegetables, ready to make a mix of their own vegetable salads together with the friends!

With some apple sauce to go with the vegetables salad, the children began munching away right after!

A positive and green start to the project!

On 27th June, the children were eager and ready to help with the garden clean up @RainbowVille RC garden before their gardening event with parents the following week!

Gardener Miki also took the time to show children the steps to planting tomato seeds!

With our supportive and enthusiastic group of parents, they came by to do acrylic bottle painting, to decorate the recycled plastic bottles for planting afterwards!

Parents and grandparents along with the children decorating their recycled bottles using acrylic paint.

The next event of our SSDB project, focused on the importance of recycling and the love of nature. We would like the parents to learn that even food waste could still be useful and to cultivate the joy of doing gardening with their children. The first part of the morning showcased Gardener Miki’s wonderful idea of making ‘Enzyme Water’ using fruit peels, brown sugar and water.

The process of making ‘Enzyme Water’ was simple and the benefits were plenty! The parents and children went all out to pick the peels and withstand the smell of the water.

The children were eager to head to the garden with their parents to plant their tomato seeds in their decorated bottles!

The parents and children were on task, and with helpful guidance from the gardener, we completed the gardening activity well!

To end the project on a positive and great note, we collected food donations from our generous parents before our visit to Jamiyah Home for the Aged- Darul Takrim. The response was very positive as we had quite a load of donations to pack!

The children were really excited to help pack and carry some of the donations!

Finally, on 27th July 2018, we were all set to visit the elderly and ready ourselves to do gardening with them over at the Home. Despite being unsure and a little scared, the children were confident and relayed simple instructions to the elderly.

The elderly were cooperative and chatty with the children as they did the gardening! We were also invited to place the containers in the garden.

Even after the SSDB project has ended, the children still tended to their plants in school and drew their pictures and thoughts in their SSDB journal!

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