Aeria Teo Kimberly Christine

Bethel Day Care Centre

Aeria Teo Kimberly Christine
29 Apr 2019

A Grateful Spirit, A Caring Heart, An Open Mind

Everyone was in high spirits during our SSDB Launch Party on the 16th of April! This year, we wanted to focus on giving back to an important group of people in our community- The Foreign Workers.

To narrow our focus, we decided to kick-start our project by focusing on our domestic helpers. For our launch party, we invited both parents and domestic helpers to join us for an afternoon of songs, craft and photo-taking.

We started off the party by having each class perform a song as the helpers sat back relaxed and enjoyed the performances.

After the performances, the helpers were invited to take a seat with the children as they immersed themselves in a pebble painting craft. Acrylic paint, paint brushes and pebbles were distributed to the helpers and children for them to unleash their creativity together. Meanwhile, children who did not have helpers present with them embarked on individual crafts to bring home, or give to the helpers they have interacted with. As the crafts were being made, the atmosphere was bright - with smiles and gleeful chatter filling the air. It was clear that the helpers and children were forging a deeper bond as they discussed and aided each other with the painting of the pebbles. It was refreshing to see the children interact in a different way with their helpers.

The launch concluded with lots of pictures taken at the photo booth. It was a refreshing take for the helpers as they were the centre of attention on this very special afternoon!

It was a great way to kick start our Start Small Dream Big project this year. With “A Grateful Spirit, A Caring Heart and An Open Mind”, we will move on towards the next leg of our project!

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