Ms Vicky

Bright Sparks Childcare LLP

Ms Vicky
9 Sep 2022

A Garden for Sustainability

It was a labour of love, our garden at Blk 401, Woodlands Street 41. It took the work of parents of the centre, the children, the staff and even grandparents. They set up the garden, planted the trees and little seedlings. The plants and trees have taken root and grown very well this past year. Children have been very excited about their banana trees.

Children were taught about the life cycles of plants what factors affect plant growth. They decided on the types of plants that can be used for food.

<u>Harvesting edible food</u>

Children harvested the mint leaves and bananas from the garden. They subsequently used the mint leaves to make mint tea and sold the bananas to the parents at a $1 per piece.

The centre focused on growing many local plants as well as some rarer versions of plants. 

Tending the garden 

Children were given tools to garden and manage the plants. They were involved in pulling out weeds and spent time understanding how plants help in sustainable living. They found out which plants could be used in cooking and which ones are used in cleaning the air. 

In all, in 2022, children really enjoyed this year’s SSDB experience. Sadly, the garden will need to be removed next month 😭. We hope to create another little garden along the corridor of the school.

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