Teacher Karen

Carpe Diem Childcare Resort

Teacher Karen
9 Sep 2021

A Book Review: Isaac and His Amazing Asperger Superpowers

Carpe Diem Childcare Resort’s SSDB  advocacy for this year is about  Kindness. “Kindness is a gift that anyone can give”; Kindness towards Others - Accepting and celebrating differences.

Our K2 class had the opportunity to explore and understand Isaac’s superpowers. His brain works a bit differently. Sometimes, people misunderstood him for the way he behave or react in certain ways. 

Through the book review, the children developed their empathy and an awareness that everyone’s brains work differently, yet, it shouldn’t be a hindrance to accept one another and show kindness. 

The children shared their thoughts and suggestions on how to help Isaac if he is our classmate. Some children suggested to give or show more patience towards Isaac; some even said “to try learning more ways to help him so it will be easier for Isaac and everyone else”. 

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