Quek Chew Buay

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Limbang Blk 543 (EY)

Quek Chew Buay
13 Mar

A BIG THANK to you- Our Angels

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the healthcare personnels are putting up a strong and hard battle. Our K2 students had discussions with the teacher through the current affair sessions. They were able to share about their experiences based on what they hear and see about the incident that is happening around them.

From the discussions, they brought up a suggestion whether they could design a thank-you card to express their gratitude to the frontline healthcare heroes and heroines. Hence, the teacher and the children had a brainstorming session. They discussed and came out with an agreement on the idea of designing the thank-you card.

The children were excited in the process of the card making. They were thrilled to present their thank-you card to the community friends. We hope that we are able to spur them on with his little gesture, and we will definitely support them in every way they do.

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