Ms Ifah

Little Footprints Preschool (Ubi)

Ms Ifah
22 Aug 2022

2022 SSDB Project by Little Footprints Preschool @ Ubi: Caring for Community and Companion Animals

In line with the project theme this year, our centre has merged the two projects – Start Small Dream Big and IGP. The aim of this project is to help the children learn the appropriate behaviour when they come across community and companion animals and to understand and create awareness on how to care for these animals around us. Our K1 and K2 children have participated in various activities that have instilled important values such as responsibility, care, kindness and graciousness.

To create awareness to the public on the various wildlife, community animals and pets’ responsibilities, the children had carried out a mini roadshow where they had distributed their own creation of flyers and brochures to the public. They were very engaged and excited to share their knowledge to those who stopped by the booth and even passers-by!

We had also invited ACRES to come down to our centre to conduct an interactive sharing session with the children on Native Wildlife. Besides that, we had two parent volunteers who came down to our centre with their pet cat and dog too. They shared with the children some pet care responsibilities and their experiences caring for these animals.

Overall, the whole project was very well executed! Children were very engaged and participative in all activities that had been planned. The highlight of the project was definitely the mini roadshow where children were seen coming out of their comfort zone as they approached and shared with the public the knowledge that they have gained from this project. Special shoutout to NParks and ACRES as well as the sporting parent volunteers, and not forgetting out little K1 and K2 children who have worked hard and helped make this whole project a successful and memorable one! 😊

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