Tay Mui Mui Daisy

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Nee Soon East Blk 312 (CC)

Tay Mui Mui Daisy
24 Jun

2022 SSDB Caring for the Environment ❤️ from Sparkletots @Nee Soon East Blk312

It is never too early to educate our young children various ways to maintain and care for the environment. One way of caring our environment can be by observing the 3R’s namely Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Our project titled ‘Caring for the Environment’ showcases our children’s artwork that involves the 3R’s.

Our parents partnered us spontaneously by helping their children identify and collect recyclable materials from their homes for our project. In school, teachers taught the children how to Recycle Right - Check, Clean and Recycle the items before recycling in to bloobin (recycling bin). Recyclable materials such as newspapers, cardboards, fruit wrappers and plastic bottles were the main materials that the children worked on.

Our community partner, National Environment Agency (NEA) provided great ideas and online resources, and with facilitation from the class teachers, the children enjoyed working together on the materials into beautiful newspaper garlands, creative plastic planters for mint plants (to present to the elderly in August), goldfish made from bread wrapper and colourful plastic hanging flower decors in the classrooms.

Apart from learning how to care for the environment, the children showed kindness and appreciation to the community helpers, police officers, cleaners and school aunties who had work hard to keep our neighborhood safe and clean. The children gifted them self-made thank you cards decorated with stickers provided by Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM).. These little gestures brought smiles to the community helpers who felt their hard work were being acknowledged.

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