Belinda Goh

Posso Preschool @ West Coast Rise

Belinda Goh
18 Apr 2017

2017 SSDB Launch Party - Posso Preschool @ West Coast Rise

In line with the SSDB theme on ‘Recycling’, Posso Preschool @ West Coast Rise embarked on a project to increase awareness of the importance of recycling.

Entering a new era of technology, we hope that our children will not forget to love and protect our earth and hence we came up with our mascot ‘Eco-Bot’ which stands for ecologically friendly robot.

From life-size robot and decorations made from recycled materials at the entrance of the school, to little mascots dressed in robot costumes made from recycled materials, we hope to bring across our theme and welcome parents to our SSDB launch party in a fun way!

A mini performance was showcased with parents joining in the fun using musical instruments made from recycled materials by our children. Props used during the performance were also made using recycled materials. Everyone was actively engaged in the SSDB launch party!

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