Cabullo Christian Mark Bagual

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Timah Blk 305 (CC)

Cabullo Christian Mark Bagual
14 Jul 2022

“To Plant A Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow”- One Family,One Community,One Earth #SSDB2022

Our Start Small Dream Big Journey continues, the teachers reinforced the community work about the nature. The children discovered the importance of plants and trees to the planet Earth.

We brought the learning journey outdoor as the children went to our “Eco-Garden” and explored the plants. They discovered interesting information about plants and how they grow. The children also got their chance to plant their own seed and take care of it until it grows.

To reinforce the lesson, the children participated in “ Tree Bark and Leaf Rubbing” were the children rub the crayon on the leaf and bark of the tree to see different patterns.

The lesson ended by having the children show their care to the nature by picking up some trash and cleaning up the park. Through this activity, they learnt how to give importance to the nature and save planet Earth through their own little ways.

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