Tan Xiao Xian, Lydia

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Radin Mas (CC)

Tan Xiao Xian, Lydia
14 Sep

‘The Scoop On Soil’ / Part 1, Activity 2: What is in soil?

After learning about the types of soil, children went out for a dig! They collected some soil from our garden and brought them back to class to conduct an experiment. They had to make predictions on what will happen to the soil after we poured the water in, and then discuss their findings and record them onto the reflection journal.

The children saw that the sediments formed layers in the clear container and the largest ones will fall out of the water first. They see sand, then silt, lay and then humus. The children enjoyed seeing the process of how the layers formed and record their findings through writings and drawings.

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