Shareena Nur

E-Bridge Pre-School (LCCC)

Shareena Nur
3 Jul 2019

‘Living in a Plastic-less World’ - Awareness Parade

We invited the children to bring various eco-friendly materials from home to challenge the children to think and discuss how they can utilse eco-friendly materials as a replacement of plastic.

The children then compared how sustainable the materials are as compared to plastic. The children identified fabric bags, metal, glass and bamboo straws, metal containers, metal insulated bottles and biodegradable takeaway boxes and utensils as some ways they can replace plastic.

The children wanted to make an impact and influence others to replace plastic materials that are commonly used in their daily lives. They engaged in discussions in the classroom and created slogans to write into their posters before parading around the school to share about it with other children as well as teachers. They also showed eco-friendly materials that could be used as a replacement!

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