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Starlearners Woodlands 888
23 Sep

"Make Every Drop Counts": Celebrating the Launch of Our Centre's SSDB Initiative (22 April 2022)

Children came to school all decked in blue. During the celebration, children sang the “Turn off the Tap” song by PUB and Pinkfong.

They took some fun shots by posing in the formations of water droplet which prior to the celebration, we got the parents involved by decorating a water droplet template with their child at home.

In addition, for tea-break, they had a blue-themed tea party; all the food and beverage served were blue.

For the launch, we even got all our little babies involved! They were engaged in various water-centric and blue activities such as blue spaghetti sensorial play, sensory bottle and ice painting.

What an awesome day it was!

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