Mrs Serene Chang

Zion Bishan Kindergarten

Mrs Serene Chang
14 Sep 2020

ZBK - Sharing A Bountiful Harvest

2 September 2020 - FOUR WEEKS LATER…

Imagine the immense sense of joy and satisfaction for the children when they saw how tall and strong the Bayam vegetables have grown and were ready for harvest! With all their might, the children put their hands and hearts together to harvest the Bayam vegetables 😋

Putting into practice the value of kindness and compassion towards the community,  the children presented basketful of vegetables to the staff of Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled. The children genuinely enjoyed this hands-on experience and were happy to donate these vegetables to the residents of Bishan Home for their consumption.

On behalf of ZBK, our Supervisor, Rev Dr Alby Yip, and our Principal, Mrs Yvonne Chong, also presented the parents’ donation to the staff at Bishan Home. 

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