Sunflower Preschool @ Hougang

6 Jul 2022

Young Entrepreneurs

The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing - Walt Disney

The children are enspired to give back to the community through our project entitled ‘Young Entrepreneurs’ 

During our launch party, children were introduced to our partner beneficiary, The President’s Challenge. We discussed about how we can do our part to contribute to those in need, not only through monetary means but through our actions and time as well. 

Children took the initiative to plan and design using the materials given like, flower vase, candle holder and mug. They began to turn their conceptualised ideas into reality during the June Holiday program.

The Nursery Twos have selected candle holder for their craft. 

The Kindergarten Ones were really proud of their beautiful flower vase masterpieces. 

The Kindergarten Twos were observed to be engaged whole heartedly in designing their white mug and turned them into colourful pieces. 

We are really proud to announce that every single throughful pieces by our children were sold off and the proceeds have been donated to President’s Challenge.

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