Adrina Tan Quee Geok

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Toa Payoh Central Blk 97 (kn)

Adrina Tan Quee Geok
7 Aug 2018

Yes, We can Save Our World!

The children learnt that they could each do a small part to save our Earth! They noted that they could save electricity, water and recycle as a lifestyle to protect Earth.

Children worked together to create a collage of ‘Earth’.

Children wrote a pledge for three ‘I wills’ on a poster.

They also learnt and sang a song, ’Save My World’ to reinforce the message that everyone can play a part in going green and saving Earth.

Finally, children made ‘Earth’ bookmarks and gave them to friends and family to create awareness. They wanted to set an example for others to join them in saving water & electricity daily, as well as practice recycling.

“We may be young and small but we can make a big difference today!”

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