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Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Novena Pte Ltd

Nithiyaa Jogalu
1 Sep 2020

Wonders of Nature by Novena Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse

The children at Novena Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse had a discussion across three

different levels on the theme “A Caring and Inclusive Singapore”. They

brainstormed craft ideas for the SSDB project that was guided by their teachers.

Each level focused on sub themes such as caring for the community, the

environment and the animals. The children were excited to design and create unique 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional crafts using either recycled materials or the nature for ‘Curious Creations Art Auction’ to raise funds to donate to beneficiaries.

Below are some photos of the process and the meanings behind each craft.

The playgroup created two 2D crafts titled “Garden City” and “Mobile Elephant”.

Garden City: The love for outdoors and the simplicity of enjoying the sun and clouds

inspired the children for this art piece. Using leaves from the garden, the children

printed their love for nature onto canvas that will last for a very long time.

Mobile Elephant: The Ducklings are fascinated with the gentle animal and explored

more on the elephants. Each piece of the elephant cut-outs were meticulously

painted in different colours. Just like these gentle giants, the Ducklings hope to be a

caring and gentle citizen.

The pre-nursery also created two 2D crafts. They were titled “Merlion” and

“Singapore Flyer”.

Merlion: The Merlion is Singapore’s iconic symbol. Children were introduced to the

story behind the merlion; Singapore’s humble beginning as a fishing village and its

head representing Singapore’s original name, Singapura (lion city in Malay). Children

worked together and created a 3D merlion using different colours of foam paper and

glitter to represent Singapore’s diversity.

Singapore Flyer: The Singapore Flyer is one of the world’s largest Giant Observation

Wheel. Standing tall as we look out onto the skyline of Singapore.

The Nursery created a 2D and a 3D craft titled “Merli the Merlion” and “Our Garden”.

Merli the Merlion: One of the most iconic symbols of Singapore is the Merlion.

Children remembered Merlion for its unique combination of a lion head and a fish

tail. This artwork reminds us that Singapore is a young country, full of vibrant for its


Our Garden: Singapore is well known for its Garden City. Trees and plants can be

found everywhere around the country. With that, our children create their impression

of a garden. As each of them created the flowers, they learnt to appreciate plants

and flowers found in their environment.

The Kindergarten One children created and designed three 2D crafts titled “The

Batik Dog”, “Singapore Flowers Notebook” and “Flower Merlion”.

The Batik Dog: The Batik is synonymous with Malay and Perakan culture and also

our national carrier, Singapore airlines.

Singapore Flowers Notebook: As the children are introduced to the theme, “Flora

and Fauna of Singapore”, they learnt more about the types of flowers that are

common in our country. The children drew these common flowers like the Jasmine,

the Orchid and the Frangipani on colourful notebooks.

Flower Merlion: The iconic Merlion gets a makeover with colourful flowers drawn and

painted by the children.

The Kindergarten Two children created a 2D and a 3D craft. They were titled “Board

of Love” and “Singapore My Home”.

Board of Love: The K2s were involved in decorating and creating two different crafts

for the SSDB project this year. The K1 and K2 children created and decorated hearts to show their gratitude to the frontliners who are risking their lives to provide essential services for everyone. The children agreed that the healthcare personnel,

cleaners, security officers, bus drivers, delivery workers and other essential service

providers should be applauded for their hardwork and efforts. They created the

“Board of Love” with vibrant colours, sequins and glitter to show their appreciation to

these hard workers who have worked tirelessly. They hope the “Board of Love” will

add a sparkle or a smile to anyone who looks at it and that it will encourage them to

have a better day!

Singapore My Home: Sharings about happy memories with their loved ones at the

different iconic locations of Singapore were buzzing around the classroom. These

memories inpired the art piece as it shows people that Singapore is our Home. The children thought about the meanings behind the crafts and verbally shared their thoughts. Their respective class teachers acted as scribes and put their thoughts into


The children of Novena Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, enjoyed the experience of creating art together with their friends as they bonded and shared memories for a greater cause!

Never underestimate the difference you can make in the lives of others. Step forward, reach out and help. Reach out to someone that might need a lift. ~Pablo

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