Oon Siu Suan

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Sengkang North Blk 292B (KN)

Oon Siu Suan
30 Sep 2022

Wonders of Nature

We are on a project! This year, our Kindergarten 1 children chose the topic of Caring for Our Environment. Through this project, the learning experiences will provide opportunity for children to learn about biodiversity, conservation and sustainability. Children will be engaged with activities from NParks, Gardens by the Bay and activities planned by the K1 teachers. We hope to raise awareness of environmental sustainability and become a Green Guardian.  

To get the children started, we got the children to complete the Biodiversity Week for Schools book on “Sounds of the Forest”. Through the story, the children are more aware of the sounds in our environment.  

Then, we kick-started the learning journey to be a Green Guardian! In Level 1, the children were challenged to complete the Green Quest Mission from Gardens by the Bay. Take a look at some of the activities that we have completed. 

In Level 2, the children learnt the names of some common plants around our neighbourhood. For example, boat lily and screwpine as seen in the picture. The children matched the real-life plants that they see from the pictures on the picture hunt handout. As they match and relate, they become more aware of our environment. After that, the children also learn about some sustainability efforts made by the Gardens by the Bay through their e-books resources. 

Lastly in Level 3, we talked about the ways to protect our environment as Green Guardians. The K1 teachers planned four activities and end off with making a terrarium (resources provided by Gardens by the Bay).  

Finally, we have come to the end of our SSDB project. Though the project has ended, it does not stop here. The children were encouraged to adopt green habits at home. “No one can do everything but everyone can do something!” 

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