Marie Antoniette Orig Abad

E-Bridge Preschool (Telok Blangah)

Marie Antoniette Orig Abad
21 Oct 2019

What can we do with the paper we have used?

Aside from picking up rubbish every Tuesday, the K1 had been practising reuse in school. On a daily basis, they reuse the papers in class. However, a question was posted to them “What can we do with paper we have used?”

Some of them answered, “we just throw them away” but some said, “then we are not practising the 3Rs”

So they came up with ways on ‘What can we do to make new paper from used papers?’

They gave the ideas:

  • paint it with white paint

  • soak and tear

  • scrub it with sponge and a bit of water

  • wash it

We planned and put ourselves into groups to try our friends’ ideas. But we all noticed that none of it worked as we wanted it to be.

We read the book, ‘Recycling,Step by step’ by Jean M. Lundquist. From the book, we saw that in factories they cut paper into tiny pieces, soak them for a long time and dry it.

From the book, we came up with our own steps in recycling paper.

To further check if our steps will work, we watched a short video on Do-It-Yourself paper recycling.

After watching the video, we divided ourselves into groups so we know which group will be in charge of the collecting, tearing,soaking and drying.

But because we didn’t foresee that tearing would take a lot of time, all of us took part on tearing papers. We kept the torn pieces of paper in a bowl. We helped each other to soak it. 

After soaking it, we noticed that the papers is still of a big size. That’s why we decided to mash it.

“Ms Marie, now it looks like a porridge!”

We placed it through a filter for the water to separate from the paper. Ms Marie helped us to place it somewhere hot for drying.

Look at our paper!!!

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