Siti Zulaifa Sukardi

Iyad Perdaus Child Development (JE)

Siti Zulaifa Sukardi
14 Aug

Week 5:  ‘Nature and Me!’ – Collaboration with NParks (Part 1)

With the current pandemic situation, the teachers are excited to explore ways to collaborate with NParks for the SSDB project! Although they are dampened that field trips or attending physical gardening workshops are not allowed at the moment, the teachers are sure that the little gardeners will have as much fun and will gain new and insightful knowledge about gardening.

The little gardeners started the day by listening to one of the teachers presenting the PowerPoint slides prepared by NParks. They discovered 5 fun facts about plants and they learnt about Park Etiquettes. Being a nature-lover does not only mean showing love through gardening and caring for growing plants but also being respectful to the grown plants around us as well as being respectful to the animals living in the nature.

After that, the little gardeners were split into 2 teams. While some of them headed out to the garden to check on the growth of their kangkung and green bean plants, the rest stayed indoors to work on the activity sheets provided by NParks!

The little gardeners were very excited to work on the activity sheets, especially the one which required them to work in groups.

Looking forward to more collaboration with NParks in the future!

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