Eileen Tan

Averbel Child Development Centre

Eileen Tan
29 Apr

We have a Part to Fight the Covid-19!

We discussed about Covid-19 through story telling with our children. Through the story, they were taught on how these virus are spread. To fight off these virus, they need to practice good hygiene such as wearing a mask when sick, frequently wash their hands and bin the dirty tissues after use. These children were also grateful for the healthcare frontline unsung heroes for helping the people in need.

Role play with glitters - Children learn that virus can spread easily just by shaking hands!

Now let’s bubble up against the virus and do our part to stop the spread of virus by using the 8 steps of proper hand washing method to scrub away these glitter virus on our hands.

Look at our hands! The glitter virus are gone. Our hands are clean again.

The children decided to make thank you cards and flowers for our unsung heroes. In their cards, they expressed their gratitude and included some positive encouragement.

As we were unable to visit the Polyclinics and hospitals. We presented the cards and flowers made by the children to our healthcare parents to pass to their colleagues.

Thank you to our unsung heroes for their love and effort! We really appreciate you!

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