Teacher Joy

Kidz Meadow Childcare @ Jurong West

Teacher Joy
10 May 2021

We are Environmentally Friendly: What can we do with an Egg Carton?

We were given a lot of egg cartons that we don’t know where to place them. So, since our topic was about Recycling that day, I showed the egg cartons to the children. I asked them what are we going to do with those egg cartons instead of throwing them away. Most of them asked if they could paint on it or decorate it or make it as a toy.

To give them more ideas, I showed them some pictures from the internet which they could try if they want.

Look how happy they were with their creations!

Everyone had a great time during the activity. However, there were still a lot of egg cartons left, so, we decided to save some for future purposes while the others were donated to other classes. That’s all!

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